Diocese of Sioux City Scholarship Program

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After careful review, we have hired a new financial aid administrator out of Minneapolis, MN named TADS. We are confident about the transition and believe they will provide us the necessary service we need at the Diocese of Sioux City for our administrators, parents and many others.  

2018/2019 TADS Information for Parents

A brief video about how to begin the application process can be found CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO. If you do not have Internet access to complete this application online, please call the St. Mary's school office at 712-786-1433 for assistance.

The application fee of $23 for each family will be reimbursed on the 2018-2019 St. Mary's tuition assessment.

The TADS application needs to be completed no later than April 1, 2018. The application is available online at www.mytads.com in both English and Spanish.  In addition to your completed application, you must include a copy of current wage and tax information.  See the attached “Grant & Aid Assessment” flyer from TADS for specific requirements. We urge you to complete the materials early to allow time for notification of any missing materials.

To assist you in completing the application, you may contact the TADS call center at 1.800.477.8237 Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-8:00 PM.  The TADS online application also has a chat feature to assist parents available Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-8:00 PM.

Award notification letters will be mailed in Mid-May.  The complete timeline with specific information concerning the application is found below.

We strongly encourage every family to complete an application. The Diocesan Financial Scholarship coupled with our local tuition assistance program will be able to make Catholic Education affordable for all. 

If you have questions about the assistance program, contact the St. Mary's school office at 712-786-1433.

Contact the TADS call center at 1.800.477.8237 with specific questions about the application. This is a wonderful opportunity for qualifying families. 

Summary Timeline

February 1     Applications available.

April 1     Completed applications must be filed electronically with all required tax materials. Applications with missing information cannot be processed.

Mid May     Award notification letters sent to all families who applied.