RSM Financial Aid

RSM Financial Aid

New Family Tuition Credit
New families are eligible for a tuition credit of $300. The new family tuition credit of $300 per family also applies for those taking advantage of the Fledgling Hawk grants. 

Finder's Fee

A present St. Mary’s family may earn a "Finder’s Fee" of a $300 tuition credit for their child for recruiting a new family to St. Mary's.  (A $300 tuition credit for each family recruited when validated by the new family.)


Fledgling Hawk Grants
Fledgling Hawk Grants are available for students transferring to Remsen St. Mary’s from a public or non-Sioux City Diocese School.  The grant is available for grades 1-12.  There are a limited number of Fledgling Hawk Grants per grade.  Currently grants are available in all grades.  This a two year program and it is not income based and applies for each student. 
The grant allows for grants for:
$1,000 for the 1st year, and $500 for the 2nd year of attendance for grades 9-12.
$900 for the 1st year, and $450 for the 2nd year of attendance for grades 1-8.
The new family tuition credit of $300 per family also applies for those taking advantage of the Fledgling Hawk grants. 

Scrip Program

Families may also choose to participate in the St. Mary’s scrip program where they can earn tuition credits by using gift cards purchased online or through St. Mary’s Rectory. 90% of what is earned will be deducted from your child's tuition.   Use the gift cards instead of cash when you shop for groceries, clothes, dining out, etc. Extended family members (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc.) may also order and use RSM SCRIP for the benefit of a specific student.  Click here for more on Scrip.

Home Parish Tuition Programs

A family’s home parish may also have a program for the school tuition needs of their parishioners.  Check with your parish pastor.   For more information contact the Sheila Cronin at the rectory at 712-786-1437.