In response to the Charter for the Protection of Children adopted by the United States
Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2002, St. Mary’s Schools participate in the Safe Environment Program created by the Diocese of Sioux City. All employees of the diocese, parishes or schools, as well as volunteers who have regular contact with children, are required to participate in and comply with all aspects of the Safe Environment Program.

This participation entails attending a class that:
1. Teaches increased awareness of child sexual abuse.
2. Teaches understanding a 5-step process to prevent child sex abuse from occurring in
our schools and parishes.
3. Encourages all to commit to being a part of a community that will protect all of God’s

Volunteers who have regular contact with children that will need to attend the class
  • Individuals who have contact with children one or more times a month
  • Individuals who are alone with groups of children
  • Individuals who are involved in any activities that include overnight supervision
of children or young people.

All records of compliance for the Safe Environment Program are kept at the Central
Catholic Offices of the Diocese of Sioux City.

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