Definition – PSEO classes allow high school juniors and seniors to enroll part-time in college courses at any participating college. 

Purposes – The specific purposes of this Act are to promote more rigorous academic pursuits and provide a wider variety of options for students. It is intended that the courses chosen are to supplement a student’s academic course of study, not supplant courses all ready available at the high school level.

What kind of credit is available? Both college credit and high school credit are given (dual credit). Students will receive 1 high school credit for every 3-college credits earned. The course will appear on the high school transcript.

Advantages – Students can increase the rigor of their high school academic course load. Students can earn college credit while still in high school, saving the cost of tuition and getting ahead in college credits. PSEO classes allow a high school student to get used to college on a part-time basis, making the transition to full-time college student often easier.

Cautions -This is a college course. The same standards, which apply to an independent college student would also apply to a PSEO student. There are no exceptions for assignment deadlines due to a busy high school schedule. There is no face-to-face teacher with on-line courses. The primary form of communication occurs via e-mail. If the student fails, the cost of the class will be the student’s, or their parents, financial responsibility. If the student obtains less than a C, colleges will not accept it as transfer credit. Regardless of the grade, the course must be included on the student’s high school transcript.

Who pays? The MMC/RU school district pays the total cost of tuition, fees and textbook costs up to $250 per student per class. The only exception is if the student drops the course or does not pass the course. In those cases, the student is responsible for the cost of tuition and textbooks.

Where do I get a list of PSEO classes?

  • This listing includes classes from all 6 community colleges involved in the consortium.
  • The WIT course listings will contain the on-line courses through WIT; it has generally been available on-line sooner the consortium listing.

How do I enroll?

  • PSEO enrollment forms are available in the school Academic Success office.
  • Students may submit a registration request to the Academic Success Coordinator any time after the college’s course registration guide is available.
  • Students and parents must complete and sign a registration form. Parent signatures are not required if the student is 18, but it is recommended that students discuss this with their parents prior to registration. 
  • MMC/RU will pay for the course and books, unless a student does not receive credit due to a failing grade or drops out after the college drop add-date. In those cases, the student/parents will be financially responsible.

How would I drop a class?

  • Colleges will have their own ‘last day to drop’ a class. Students are responsible for being aware of this day. For example, WIT’s last day to drop is usually ten days after their first day of class. A student is responsible to complete a drop form and return the books to the bookstore before the last day to drop.
  • Students who drop within the college drop-add date, but after the RSM drop/add date may face a credit deficiency issue for that semester. RSM students are required to take 6 credits per semester plus a physical education class.
  • If a student chooses to drop a class, the book(s) will need to be returned within that 10 day time period in new condition. If the books are not returned within the ten days, the high school may, according to the PSEO code, charge the student for the book(s). Be aware that a book store reserves the right to not return a book for the same money if it was wrapped in plastic and the plastic has been removed. If the bookstore refuses to exchange the book for even money, the student will be financially responsible for the cost of the book.

More Questions?

  • A PSEO Handbook is available here.
  • Please call Brenda Ortmann, Academic Success Coordinator, at 786-1433.