Athletic Participation Policy Clarification

Athletic Participation Policy Clarification

Although this information is included in the handbook online and available for any student or parent to read, we did feel since this was a clarification in policy and expectations of the school, it would be helpful to take another step in communicating this to parents and athletes. 

These are the expectations in regards to attendance and participation in athletics as set down by the Board of Education of St. Mary's Schools.

School attendance requirement to participate in an extra-curricular activity: On the day of an extra-curricular activity, students must be checked into school by 11:00 a.m. and attend the remainder of the day to attend practice. A student should be present for the entire day in order to participate in a competition. Exceptions may be made for verified appointments or family emergencies.

Verification of an appointment can simply be a copy of the checkout sheet from the doctors office, or a note written by the office staff. These can simply be given to the high school office staff when the student checks back into school. The office staff along with the athletic director will communicate any in-eligible athletes directly to the coaches.

Our goals with this policy (which is similar to that present in other schools) are to encourage attendance at school and protect athletes and teams from illness. While homework can be made up, the interaction and explanation that occurs in the classroom cannot be replaced. Also, especially in respect to competition: if an athlete is not feeling well enough to come to school right away, odds are they take a risk of making themselves (or their team) more ill if they try to compete while sick. If an athlete is truly ill or has an appointment this policy is not a true hindrance. Of course exceptions will be made for sudden family emergencies (deaths, births, accidents, etc.). These exemptions are provided with administrative discretion.

Thank you for all you do for our schools, and for your cooperation and support!

-St. Mary's School Board