Special Emphasis on Pro-Life in October

Special Emphasis on Pro-Life in October
Posted on 10/27/2020

All year long, Remsen St. Mary’s is Passionately Pro-Life, but during the month of October, there is a special focus on pro-life events.

Every October the RSM senior theology class shifts gears from being the students to being the teachers. They research, propose, create, and then present to the freshmen class an extensive look at the importance and sanctity of the Pro-Life movement from conception until natural death. You can check out the videos of this year's presentation on the RSM YouTube Channel at https://bit.do/rsmyoutube

The other half of the seniors plan the pro-life events during Christian Leadership Team class. This year’s plans were interrupted by the unseasonably cold weather. The K-12 Prayer Service, planned for outdoors on Monday, was held indoors on Tuesday for just the high school. CLT members Kailey Arens and Stephen Brazil led the candle-lit prayer service. Then Xavier Galles and Lexie Delperdang handed out the new t-shirts.

Then it was too cold and rainy for the outdoor rosary and sidewalk chalk activity. They may try to reschedule at another time.

The seniors also attended adoration at St. Mary’s Church with Mrs. Arens and Mrs. Schiltz. The quiet prayer time allowed the students to really focus and reflect on the sanctity of life .

The Pro-Life Mass was held on Friday, Oct. 23 at St. Mary’s Church. CLT members Levi Waldschmitt and Blaine Harpenau organized the special rose ceremony. A family member presented a rose to the special guests at the end of Mass. Guests included: Jessica Osterman, Jessica Klein, Alexis TeBrink, Nicole Andrick, Maria Echaniz, the Russell family, and the Johnson family. Fr. Bill McCarthy was also recognized with cards from each class in honor of World Priest Day.

Throughout the month, students have continued to proclaim the prayers for 40 Days for Life during the daily morning prayers.
Carly lights candle CLT

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