SCRIP Program
To purchase SCRIP or for more information please contact Sheila Cronin at (712) 786-1437 or [email protected]

SCRIP Links:
Our RSM SCRIP Order Form (Rev 8-1-22)
Complete List of Retailers

SCRIP is: Fundraising While You Shop!
The RSM SCRIP program is a great way to reduce the cost of your child’s tuition. You can earn money on your everyday purchases just by paying with a gift card from ShopWithScrip!  90% of what you earn is applied as a tuition credit to the St. Mary’s Schools’ student of your choice. Extended family can also get involved and have their earnings credited to support a grandchild, niece, nephew, etc. who is a student at RSM. If you are a first-time participant, please complete this form so we can apply your earnings appropriately. The remaining 10% SCRIP earnings will go back to the school to help offset the SCRIP program fees. 

How it works:
You purchase gift cards from St. Mary’s at face value; the RSM program coordinator orders the gift cards through Great Lakes SCRIP Center at a reduced price. The result is an instant rebate for St. Mary’s families! 

You can also buy SCRIP online with the same advantages through Great Lakes SCRIP Center. Just log on to and click Join a Program. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to sign up and start saving.

Thank you for supporting St. Mary’s Schools through the SCRIP program!