SCRIP Program
To purchase SCRIP or for more information please contact Sheila Cronin at (712) 786-1437 or [email protected]

SCRIP Links:
Our RSM SCRIP Order Form (Rev 12-06-23)
Complete List of Retailers

SCRIP is: Fundraising While You Shop!
The RSM SCRIP program is a great way to reduce the cost of your child’s tuition. You can earn money on your everyday purchases just by paying with a gift card from ShopWithScrip!  90% of what you earn is applied as a tuition credit to the St. Mary’s Schools’ student of your choice. Extended family can also get involved and have their earnings credited to support a grandchild, niece, nephew, etc. who is a student at RSM. If you are a first-time participant, please complete this form so we can apply your earnings appropriately. The remaining 10% SCRIP earnings will go back to the school to help offset the SCRIP program fees. 

How it works:
You purchase gift cards at face value; the RSM program coordinator orders the gift cards. The result is an instant rebate for St. Mary’s families! 

This YouTube link explains the online enrollment process:

Thank you for supporting St. Mary’s Schools through the SCRIP program!