Snapshot of RSM Students

Snapshot of RSM Students
Posted on 06/29/2023

Apply now by completing the ESA Application at (takes less than 10 min.) to receive any MLTF awards.

Approved by ESA: You will receive $7,635.

Not approved by ESA: You will receive more than $750 from your MLTF diocesan application.

The ESA application window closes at midnight on Friday, June 30:

Remember, we encourage all families to apply, but those eligible for a diocesan scholarship MUST apply.

Once you submit the application, please send a screenshot to Beth confirming your submission.

Join the fun at Remsen St. Mary's Schools, where students focus on being….

1. Spiritual: RSM students take stock in themselves and make choices for their lives using the gifts God has given them with good stewardship.  They are morally rooted in Catholic teaching and values exhibiting a clear faith-filled relationship with God.

2. Scholastic: RSM students interact effectively using creative problem-solving processes and technology whether working independently or working with others.  Their God-given talents are used to serve the Remsen community.

3. Social:  RSM students respect different cultures taking pride in their own personal heritage.  Making healthy choices, including a sense of humor, that have positive effects on the physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of others is top priority.

4. Sports:  RSM students use their God-given talents to compete and succeed with integrity and good sportsmanship.