Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation

Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation

(Updated Apr. 20, 2018)

Thank you, our generous donors, for your help in enabling the families of St. Mary’s students to access tuition scholarships to provide a Catholic education for their children. Your donations also help us to offer tuition scholarships to students new to RSM.  In 2018 the Diocese of Sioux City will be able to collect approximately $3 million for its Catholic Schools. St. Mary's is allotted to collect donations to MLTF in the amount of $112,717 in 2018 which will translate into over $101,000 available exclusively to RSM families in the 2019-2020 school year.  

If you are a past donor or potential donor, you should know that there are many ways to donate to MLTF (see methods of giving below) that may be even more beneficial for you. 
The guarantee of $112,717 for RSM Schools expires on 12-1-2018 or whenever tax credits are all used up. In 2017 the goal was met by November 16, largely from sources outside of our diocese. It is predicted that we could fill our designation as early as June this year because of the new tax laws increasing the standard deduction and less Iowan's itemizing. Donate early! Donations for tax credits are on a first-come, first-serve basis and donations can no longer be accepted once the tax credits are used up. This is the 11th year RSM families have benefited from MLTF scholarships (see below). We are currently accepting donations that will apply towards 2018 tax return. Gifts in 2018 will afford tuition scholarships for RSM students in the 2019-2020 school year.  

This is the eleventh year RSM families have benefited from MLTF scholarships:

School                RSM             Donations     RSM Alott-      MLTF       Bishop's Ed. Fund

 Year            Designation    Credited RSM  ed tuition       Received  

2007-08           $22,744           $26,235             $20,469         $29,220*     

2008-09           $42,000           $48,300             $37,800         $69,500

2009-10           $61,300           $63,657             $55,170         $87,810

2010-11           $77,731           $106,000          $69,958          $98,000

2011-12           $84,535           $94,410             $76,081         $86,558

2012-13           $82,201           $82,201             $73,980         $87,731

2013-14           $92,341           $92,341            $83,107          $83,058                 $  5,000

2014-15           $84,062           $96,427            $86,784         $84,069                  $  7,500

2015-16         $117,311           $134,395          $120,955        $118,296                $11,500   

2016-17        $115,298            $114,100          $102,690       $94,545       $10,000 

2017-18        $115,830      $63,877     $104,247 $104,888
2018 goal      $112,717      

*Dollar figure includes $4,600 in Catherine Birzle tuition awards.

For a better understanding of the MLTF program, check out the Q & A, MLTF FAQs

Recipients of the MLTF funds will be determined by an application to TADS, a third party financial aid review provider. The application is similar to a FASFA for college scholarships.

TADS Applications: Tuition applications can be accessed under the Admissions tab on this website, click on Diocese of Sioux City Tuition Program. The applications are due April 1, 2018.  Families new to St. Mary's may apply up to mid-September. TADS applications determine a family’s allocation for MLTF, Bishop's Education Fund, the Catherine Birzle education scholarships, as well as make recommendations for local tuition assistance. Families are eligible up to 3X the poverty level for MLTF, and up to 4X poverty for the Bishop's Education Fund. Information on 3X and 4X's poverty charts are included on the tab.

Tuition Costs at Remsen St. Mary's 
for the 2018-19 year:

Grade     Average Cost/pupil     RSM Scholarship    Parental Investment    Per Diem

TK-1st                      $7,466                            $4,491                        $2975                    $16.53

2nd-8th           $7,466                            $3,891                        $3,575                 $19.86

Grade 9          $7,466                             $3,516                        $3,950                  $21.94

Grade 10        $7,466                             $3,421                        $4.045                  $22.47

Grade 11        $7,466                             $3,381                        $4,085                  $22.69

Grade 12        $7,466                             $3,331                        $4,135                  $22.97



Methods of Giving to MLTF

Cash/check, or credit card, EFT Transfers Cash/checks may be sent to the RSM Development Office, with your completed MLTF Gift Form (see link on the left).  If you choose to give by credit card, or EFT, go online by clicking Give to MLTF Online (see link on the left). You may also donate by credit card by phone. Contact Marilyn Wellman 712-233-7518 at the diocese office.  


Gifts of Grain

Like cash and stock donations, grain donations are eligible for the 65% Iowa tax credit. Tax advantages for active farmers may be much more favorable when grain is donated to a charitable organization. Depending on the donor’s individual tax situation, they can possibly avoid income taxes and self employment tax on the value of the donated grain. The donor is not able to take a charitable itemized deduction for the grain donation on their federal tax return. Please contact your tax advisor if you are considering a grain donation to MLTF. The standard MLTF donation form is required and a MLTF Grain Ownership Transfer Form must be used (see link on the left). Donations of grain to MLTF will be accepted until December 1, 2017 or sooner if tax credits are all used up.  The MLTF policy also requires that the grain have an (approximate) minimum value of $1,000. Ethanol plants are now an approved grain terminal for MLTF grain donations, if the grain is not under contract.

Gifts of Stock & Gifts from IRA

When you donate stock to MLTF you do not need to claim the capital gains, while still benefiting from the tax credits. Donations from IRA's must come directly from the IRA to the Msgr. Lafferty Tuition Foundation in order to be tax free for the donor (see link on the left). Consult the diocese at 712-233-7594 if you have questions, and confer with your tax advisor. 

Quarterly Tax Payments

Individuals who are required to make quarterly tax payments to the State of Iowa can make their payments directly to MLTF using a MLTF gift form, with 65% of their MLTF gift available for their tax payment. 

Gifts from Corporations, etc,.

Contributions can be accepted from partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), “S” & “C” Corporations, estates or trusts electing to have the income taxed directly to the individual to qualify for the tax credit, based on the pro rata share of the individual’s earnings from that entity. Consult your tax accountant for advice on your personal situation. Donations to MLTF receive a 65% Iowa Tax Credit, and 100% of the donation may also be claimed for a deduction on your federal tax return when you itemize.  

How do I get started?

In all cases you will need to fill out a simple gift form (see the link on the left). You may print the pdf MLTF Gift Form on this website, or you may obtain a form from the St. Mary's Development Office, or from the library in the back of St. Mary’s Church. Make sure to check the line in front of ___  St. Mary’s, as your gift destination.  

St. Mary’s goal is to have the $ for this year’s RSM designation met by mid-November, 2017.  If you would like more information on taking advantage of the tax credit program by donating to MLTF in 2017 you may contact the Development Office at 712-786-1324, or


Information contained on this website is not professional or legal advice.  Consult your tax accountant or attorney.