Student Learning Goals

A graduate of St. Mary’s School System will . . . 

• Demonstrate an internalized structure for decision-making that is morally rooted in Catholic teaching and values; behave in a manner reflecting the democratic principles of the United States Constitution, and act with loyal support to one’s family and school. 

• Apply the abilities of precise thinking that will enable them to master content necessary to a productive career and an orientation to life-long learning. 

• Portray the knowledge and skills necessary to function in a complex, and ever-changing world, including, but not limited to: 

  1. Work individually and independently;
  2. Work with others in a team effort;
  3. Take stock in one’s self and make a plan for his/her choices in life;
  4. Use creative, problem-solving processes;
  5. Use technology;
  6. Respect different cultures from the community, nation, and world;
  7. Interact effectively with others in speech and prose;
  8. Compete and succeed with integrity and good sportsmanship;
  9. Use the gifts God has given us with good stewardship;
  10. Project a positive self-esteem based on knowing a personal relationship with others that is built on
  • A clear, faith-filled relationship with God;
  • Pride of one’s personal heritage;
  • Healthy choices that have a positive effect on physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being;
  • Development of God-given talents, and using these talents in a way that best serve the community;
  • A sense of humor.

We are very happy to be partners with you in providing your children with a Catholic education. Thank you for all you do to enable this to happen. 
-St. Mary’s School Board