American Bank Presents $500 Check

American Bank Presents $500 Check
Posted on 03/08/2019
     The American Bank's $3 for 3 program netted $500 for the Hawks this basketball season! Employees from American Bank presented the check to the Activity Club at a home game.
     Each basket the Hawk boys and girls varsity players made a basket from beyond the arc, the American Bank added $3 to the donation. At the end of January, the Hawks had made 123 3-pointers. Since American Bank's motto is "Achieving Success Together," they decided to round up the amount to an even $500. These 3-point shots, along with other important aspects of the game, such as rebounds and assists, have made for a successful season. Thank you, American Bank, for your support of the athletes at Remsen St. Mary's Schools!
American Bank Donation

Amy Penning (RSM AC), Katrina Homan (Am Bank), Jeremy Homan (Am Bank), Judy Koenck (RSM AC), and Todd Tentinger (RSM AC).