Be Still and Know That I Am God

Be Still and Know That I Am God
Posted on 08/26/2021

The students and staff began the new school year this week by living the message from Psalm 46:10 - “Be still and know that I am God.” From the opening prayer service on the first day of school through the opening Mass and picnic, and even through the first week of classes, students experienced the theme each day.

Everyone was reminded to “be still” and listen for the voice of God. This may mean students turning off cell phones and turning off their voices to be still. Fr. Tim Pick began the opening prayer service with an intentional period of silence to allow students and staff to focus on God’s presence with them.

At the first Mass of the school year, everyone is asked to have faith and stop doubting through the celebration of the Eucharist - so we will “know” God.

As the family of St. Mary’s Schools gathered to share food and fellowship after the Mass, we are reminded that God is with us always - in our work and in our celebrations. God is in control!