OnToCollege ACT Prep Resources

OnToCollege ACT Prep Resources
Posted on 08/31/2021

St. Mary's seeks to create two- and four-year college graduates with minimal debt.  Thus, we are bringing proven, entertaining, ACT preparation - OnToCollege (OTC) - to our students. 


Students will have online access to prepare and work through all 4 sections of the ACT. There are videos, quizzes and section tests. There are also Additional Prep and Solution Video resources that are available to them. If a student is struggling with a specific subject area or concept on the ACT, OTC’s Additional Prep and Solution Video resources can help.

The seniors and juniors have been given the information and materials needed to begin the ACT Prep sessions. There are also ACT Refresher sessions for students retaking the ACT if they feel that is sufficient enough instead of going through the entire ACT Prep series. The sophomores and freshmen will be introduced to this resource in September. They will receive the PreACT prep sessions. If sophomores are interested in more, the ACT Prep sessions can be shared with them as well.  

Besides any test prep they have been given, all classes also have access to Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies videos. Seniors also have access to the College Counseling System, a series of videos that can help them prepare for college and beyond.

Higher ACT scores can mean larger college scholarships. The average score increase from OnToCollege is 2-3 points for the ACT, which can save families thousands in college costs and increase children's college choices. 


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