University of Rochester Awards

University of Rochester Awards
Posted on 12/10/2020

Several St. Mary’s students received academic honors last spring which were not awarded then, due to the pandemic. Carly Ortmann, Blaine Harpenau, Tori Galles, and Brittany Johnson were recognized this month and received their awards from the University of Rochester in New York. 

Included below is each student’s award and a description of the award.

Carly Ortmann: Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award
•High achievement and rigor in science and math classes
•Positive contributions to their school and within the larger community

Blaine Harpenau: Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award
•Demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues
•Leadership and dedication to community action
•Strong grades and rigorous courses taken in the humanities and social sciences

Tori Galles: George Eastman Young Leaders Award
•Strong leadership experience at school and in the community
•High grades and challenging courses
•Extensive involvement in extracurricular activities

Brittany Johnson: Xerox Award for Innovation & Information Technology Award
•Strong interest in innovation and/or information technology and a high level of achievement in this area
•Leading other students to new approaches to old problems

Rochester Awards
Back: Mr. Scott Willman (Social Studies teacher), Mr. Tim Osterman (Science teacher), and Mrs. Kristine Full (Computer Science teacher). Front: Tori Galles, Blaine Harpenau, Carly Ortmann, and Brittany Johnson.