Wish List / Needs List

St. Mary's Schools would like to thank anyone who has donated to the Wish List in the past. Many items have been purchased for the classroom as a result of your generosity. Thank you for supporting the education of our students.

(Updated 05-04-18)
Department Item Approx. Cost
Endowment Funds For operating school  Any amount 
  For capital improvements  Any amount 
General School Needs Tuition Assistance for families in need  Any amount 
  Unrestricted Gifts Any amount 
  Grade School Roof  $32,000 
  Security Cameras  
  High School Door Security Key Fob System  $18,500 
  Teacher Salary Fund  Any Amount
  Update Textbooks
Any Amount 
  Shades for Several Classrooms
  Replace Gym Floor
 Technology * 10 Wireless Access Points $160 each
  25 Chromebooks for Middle School $250 each
  10 Teacher Laptops $600 each
  4 Wall Mount Storage Units for Chromebooks $800 each
  10 Smart Notebook Licenses $126 each

 Preschool Children's Soft Furniture (2) $230 each
  9' x 6' Early Learning Rug $210
48" (l) x 16" (d) x 24" (h) Shelves  $395
  Outdoor Basketball $499
   Tricycles (3)  $150 each
   Outdoor Playhouse $280
 CLT Supplement a Christian Leadership Service Trip Any amount
  Funding for Events of Caring/Discipleship projects Any amount
 Journalism Camera Memory Cards  $5-10
HS Religion 15-20 hard cover Bibles  $20 each

* Technology Wish List Note: Items purchased by RSM receive educational pricing. It is, therefore, most beneficial for both the donor and RSM to donate cash for technology. Thank you!